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This is the worst stage race video ever, but it’s the best I could find for Stage 4 of the 2012 USA Pro Challenge. Why this stage? Well here are a couple of reasons that you should watch the sound track-less video above.

1) Jens.

2) Voigt.

Ok seriously, this stage is a perfect example of going all in while riding in a breakaway. If you are in a breakaway there comes a point where you realize that in order to make it stick you are going to have to push yourself to a point of no return. A point where if the bunch catches you they may immediately drop you because of the effort you spent trying to prevent that very thing.

This is one of the things you have to learn as you race, when to go all in and kill yourself to keep the break away, and when it’s time to sit up and be caught. A week ago I sat up thinking that a break that included myself and 3 other riders wasn’t going anywhere. Two of them stayed away until the finish. This week I went all in on a break, bridging between the peloton and the break for around a mile, only to have the break get gobbled up by the peloton with less than one lap to go.

Stage 4 Jens shows how to go all in like a pro, defying the odds and the expectations to solo to a victory with a nearly 3 minute gap.

In case you didn’t notice, watch the end and learn how to celebrate with class. He started the celebration way out, checking his jersey, waving to the crowd and then finally finishes up at the line. No wonder everyone loves Jens. He is classy.

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