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Race Report DLD Crit, or puncture, race, broken spoke.

Tonight was my best finish in the C flite of the Utah Crit Series, but it was not without it’s hiccups. The Wednesday night race happens at the Drivers License Division which is near my house so I ride to it before the race. Normally this is a nice uneventful warm up that gets me there in time to see the previous race finish. 

But tonight I got to walk. About a mile and a half before I pulled into the parking lot for the race, my back tire flatted. No problem, I thought, as I calmly pulled off the road and removed my back wheel. Big problem actually. I had left my trusty CO2 pump head at the house, and had no way to put air in a new tire. So I walked. And walked. And walked…

Luckily I had left early so I arrived with plenty of time to spare. I did learn that walking in cycling shoes for distance is weird, but it’s better than walking barefooted. Better then both is walking in your socks which I did for probably the last quarter of a mile. Also walking is way way slower than riding.

It was a good race though, our team tactic stacked up early as getting a rider in the three man break that went away early and then maintaining the status quo in the bunch. So the pace stayed pretty reasonable, though fast for the entire race. I could tell it was fast because hardly anyone was bunching up, I spent most of the race single file near the front of the bunch.

The strategy worked well, and we had 6 riders in the top 11. It was a particularly good race for me, finishing a personal best of 5th place.  I do need to stop springing upward so much when I sprint uphill, my back wheel kept coming off the road which I think slowed me down a bit, maybe a lower gear and faster spinning would have helped.

On the ride home I noticed something that sounded like a broken spoke, so I checked it when I got home and that’s exactly what it was. Not sure when I broke it, probably during the race. Just makes me love the Reynolds Forty-Sixs more though, because it doesn’t appear to be out of true, even with a broken non-drive side spoke. I’ll have to get that fixed tomorrow evening so I can be ready to do some more riding this weekend.